Project Cars

Andy Kritikos was at the forefront of BMW "swaps," and has been constructing them since the early 1980s. Here are just a few of the conversions AKG has done over the years.

Since we've had many requests for information on swapping M50 motors into e30 bodies, as well as swapping euro motors into e36 or e30 bodies, these pages will also help our visitors understand what's involved in those projects.

NOTE: the content contained herein is for informational purposes only. We do not intend it as an installation guide, nor are we responsibe for the outcome if you try to do this yourself.

4.0L V8 5-Speed into '91 e30 Chassis V8 into e30 318 chassis
5.0L V12 into BMW e36 Chassis

V12 into e36 chassis
4.4L V8 into '90 e30 Chassis V8 into e30 chassis
US M50 Motor into e30 Chassis

Photos: 318 M50 swap project
US M50 into e30
Euro 3.0 into e30 Chassis Euro 3.0l into e30
Euro 3.2 in e36 Chassis FAQ Euro 3.2 into e36
An early swap: Euro 3.5L into 2002 Chassis 3.5 2002