What We Do

AKG Motorsport manufactures the highest-quality performance bushings, mounts and motorsport products available for your BMW. All of our products are engineered in-house and manufactured by us, or locally under our direct supervision. AKG products are unequalled in their craftsmanship and manufactured out of the highest-quality materials available, such as our exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane and 6061 & 7075 T6 aluminum. AKG performance parts are available through our online catalogue, or our dealers worldwide.

Where We Are

Our performance parts are used on race cars, track cars, rally cars and street cars in over 60 countries. From amateur to the professional level, race cars compete all over the world with AKG performance parts – with more and more choosing to switch to our products every day. The reason? Our performance parts are the highest quality, best performing and most reliable performance parts available.

How We Started

AKG Motorsport was founded in 1985. Owner Andreas Kritikos has nearly four decades of mechanical experience and has focused almost exclusively on the BMW marque for the past thirty-three years.

During much of this time, AKG Motorsport specialized in the construction of fast, reliable, road racing sedans – consistently winning at both the regional and national level.

AKG Motorsport incorporated old world craftsmanship and up-to-the-minute technology in the building of individualized race cars. Andy Kritikos performed all aspects of construction: from chassis work to engine building – including custom engineering of bushings, mounts and suspension components – with very little labor contracted out. This resulted in cars known to be both competitive and reliable!

AKG cars have numerous SCCA, MCSCC, ICSCC, and NASA wins, including trophies in a variety of enduros. Enduros are the ultimate test of a car’s quality and workmanship – and from 4 hour to 24 hour, AKG cars consistently excelled in the enduros they campaigned.

Off the track – AKG was also on the forefront of engineering motor transplants: from his early swaps of 3.5L engines into BMW 2002’s to later swaps such as a 5.0L V12 into a BMW e36 chassis.

While BMW is AKG’s specialty, we have been involved with other marques as well, including Jaguar and Volkswagen. AKG was hired to construct the world’s first New Beetle race car in 1998. The project, from inception to raceday, was accomplished in just over a month. The Hippies New Beetle, owned by Australian entrepreneur Ross Palmer, campaigned its extraordinary debut at the 1998 24 Hours of Nurburgring. Formula One World Champion Sir Jack Brabham raced the Beetle later that year, after having driven an AKG built E30 in the 24 Hours of Moroso in 1996.

Our performance parts are proudly made in Illinois, USA and used in over 60 countries worldwide.