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Joanne L’s 2004 BMW E46 M3 Car of the MonthJoanne L’s 2004 BMW E46 M3:

Motor Mounts, Poly 95A
E21 Trans Mount Upgrade
Flex Shaft Coupling
Diff Bushings, Poly 95A
FCABs, Poly 90A
Brake, Clutch Pedal Bushings

Joanne’s brother says “I did some online research and found some forum members suggest AKG for upgrades. Went over what type would be best for her and added some other maintenance parts that we knew we could use and ordered online. After replacing all the bushings and upgrading to coil over suspension and a corner balance from a local performance shop, the car felt like a brand new car off the lot. Steering feels so precise, the pedals have no play and feel solid with the bushings. No more vibration slop from the drivetrain. The car is at its best with AKG.”

Derek T’s 1995 E36 M3 Car of the Month

Derek T’s 1995 E36 M3:

Front Control Arm Brackets/Lollipops
DTM Selector Rod
Stage II Shifter

Derek says “I love my AKG products; besides the looks, the shifter is super tight and in perfect position for quick shifts. The lollys really liven up the feel of the front suspension.”

Teric S's 2004 E46 M3, AKG October 2014 Car of the Month.

Teric S’s 2004 E46 M3:

Poly Engine and Trans Mounts
Poly Front Control Arm Bushings
Poly Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Aluminum Diff Bushings
DTM Selector Rod

Teric says “The car handles amazing and I couldn’t be happier with your products.”

Trevor C's 1997 E36 328is.

Trevor C’s 1997 E36 328is:

Stage 2 Motorsport Quick Shifter
DTM Selector Rod
Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
Solid Motor and Trans Mounts
Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms
Poly 75D Differential Bushings
Poly 75D Trailing Arm Bushings
Offset Front Control Arm Bushings
Front Subframe Reinforcements

Trevor say’s “All of AKG’s products allow me to abuse my car as hard as I possibly can! The solid bushings and motor/trans mounts are amazing on the track as well as the quick shifter. This shifter is probably the best thing I have ever purchased for my car, it’s unreal how easy it is to shift from gear to gear, super solid! The adjustable rear lower control arms are great quality, better than any I’ve seen for the price. Thanks AKG for great products!”

Jarin K's 1989 325is S50B30 swap, AKG August 2014 Car of the Month.

Jarin K’s 1989 325is, S50B30 swap:

Swap Motor Mounts
Poly 75D Trans Mounts
Wire Harness Adapter
Offset Front Control Arm Bushings
Subframe Riser Bushing Set
Camber/Toe Kit
Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Clutch Pedal Bushings

Jarin says “I really like the build quality on the products and would recommend them to anyone.”

Tyler P's 1996 BMW E36 328is, AKG July 2014 Car of the Month Photo by PhotoJunkie.

Tyler P’s 1996 E36 328is:

STAGE II Motorsport Quick Shifter
DTM Selector Rod

Tyler says “It is the best shifter I have EVER felt! Every shift is super short and very solid, no slop like the factory shifters. It makes shifting mid drift easy and very predictable. (Photo courtesy of PhotoJunkie)

Christopher H's 1994 E36 325i, AKG June 2014 Car of the Month. Photo by Brandon Hallmark of Gearbanger Studios

Christopher H’s 1994 E36 325i:

Solid Motor and Trans Mounts
Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
Solid Differential Mounts
Spherical Bearing RTABs
RTAB Pocket Reinforcements

Christopher says “I currently compete in the Golden Gate Drift ProAm series and the Sonoma Drift series. AKG’s products allow me to put the power down and to make sure my suspension performs at optimum levels.” (Photo courtesy of Brandon Hallmark of Gearbanger Studios)

Joshua R's 2001 E46 325i, AKG May 2014 Car of the Month

Joshua R’s 2001 E46 325i:

Poly 95A Differential Bushings

Joshua says “The Diff bushings were a huge improvement of the car’s overall feel and responsiveness. They have also handled the abuse that the car takes while drifting.”

Daniel Y's 1995 E36 325i, AKG April 2014 Car of the Month

Daniel Y’s 1995 E36 325i:

Rear Trailing Arm Pocket Reinforcements
Poly 75D Motor and Trans Mounts
Poly 75D Diff Mounts
Poly 75D Front Control Arm Bushings
Poly 75D Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Poly 75D Rear Subframe Bushings
Rear Lower Control Arms with Spherical Bearings

Daniel says “Thanks to Todd at TMJ Bimmers for installing all these along with the 6 Speed Getrag and torsen diff. My car feels amazing on the course and is so much fun to drive. I plan on more AKG goodies in the future!”

Kevin N's 1993 325is, AKG March 2014 Car of the Month

Kevin N’s 1993 325is s52 swap:

AKG 95a FCAB’s
E21 transimission mounts w/AKG cups
Poly 75d rear subframe bushings
Poly 75d differential bushings
Poly 95a RTABs
RTAB pocket reinforcements
Sway bar bracket reinforcements

Kevin says “My favorite part of the day is when I get to drive my car whether it’s to school or work. AKG products have greatly improved the car’s handling and overall driving experience, making it an absolute blast which no other company has been able to achieve.”

Marcus P's 2003 BMW E46 330i ZHP, AKG February 2014 Car of the Month

Marcus P’s 2003 BMW E46 330i ZHP:

Poly 90A Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Poly 85A Front Control Arm Bushings

Marcus says “I have owned this car now for nearly 8 years and nearly 100,000 miles. The AKG Poly 90A RTABs took care of my rear-wheel movement issue. It feels like they are helping put the power down to the pavement also; an amazing improvement from stock. The AKG Poly 85A FCABs (purchased pre-installed in lollipops) corrected my steering wheel jerk while under heavy breaking at high speeds. Swapping the lollipops (core return) was a breeze. This is now my 3rd set of FCABs (first two both OEM), I am looking forward to these lasting longer than OEM with the additional performance benefits that Poly brings to the table.”

Joey C's 1996 BMW E36 328is, AKG January 2014 Car of the Month

Joey C’s 1996 BMW E36 328is:

Poly 95A Rear Subframe Bushings
RTAB pocket reinforcements

Joey says “When it was time to refresh the rear end, I decided it was also time for an upgrade. The poly subframe bushing really tightened up the rear and made the car more precise and predictable. The RTAB pocket reinforcements give me the peace of mind that no failures will occur. Thanks for quality products and great service over the years!”

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