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AKG Performance Parts William's Z4M Car of the Month
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Stage II Shifter, Rear Lower Control Arms, Trans Mounts

William says: I have been really impressed with the quality all the way around.

AKG Performance Parts August Car of the Month
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Polyurethane Rear trailing Arms Bushings, Rear Subframe Bushings and Diff Mount

Narek says: When it came time to replace the worn subframe bushings on my E36 M3, I know I’d be visiting the AKG storefront. AKG is second to none in their field of products and performance. Their rear subframe, diff, and trailing arm bushings brought the rear suspension back to life, and gave me confidence in the car again.

Photo (c) Garagewelt

Car of the Month - Ivan - E46
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Polyurethane Motor/Trans Mounts, Rear trailing Arms Bushings, Rear Subframe Bushings

Ivan says: I was very pleased with how much more accurate corner-out performance became with the polyurethane trailing arm bushings and subframe bushings. The engine and transmission mounts significantly improved throttle response and shifter accuracy and feel. These are very cost-effective improvements!

Photo (c) Craig Boyle

AKG Parts Currently Installed: Front Control Arm Bushings, Adjustable Front Sway Bar Stabilizer Links, Rear Shock Mount Set, Rear Subframe Bushing Set, Differential Mount Bushing Set

Lawrence says: With over 214,000 miles on the odometer, AKG has brought the car back to life. Whether it’s driving to work everyday, or the nice weekend cruise, the car never misses a beat with the true analog experience that only AKG and BMW can bring.

Photo (c) Tyler Lee, courtesy EuroKlasse

AKG Parts Currently Installed: Rear Subframe Reinforcement Kit, Front Control Arm Bushing Set Poly 95A, Group N Motor Mount Set, Differential Mount Bushing Set Poly 75D, Spherical Bearing Rear Trailing Arm Bushings, Rear Subframe Bushing Set Poly 75D

Shawn says: After I decided on the S54 Swap, I wanted to make sure that the car itself was up to the challenge to handle the additional power. I do not track my car or have plans to do so however I wanted to make sure that the car itself would be up to it should the need arise. I heard many good things about AKG products and it was a no brainer to replace all my bushings through out the car with their parts and I could not be happier with my choice. The car drives like it’s on rails, and exudes confidence with keeping the car and power on the ground in day to day driving.

AKG Parts Currently Installed: FCABs, spherical bearing rear control arm bushings, aluminum motor and trans mounts, selector rod, shock mounts and all reinforcements

Maggie and Jake say: We own a BMW track / speed shop and we not only use AKG parts on our customer cars, we also use them on our own. The quality is a step above the competition and it makes installation much easier. We have a variety of AKG parts on this BMWCCA Club Racer, and with all of that the car feels like its on rails. Thanks guys!

AKG Parts Currently Installed: Stage II Shifter with AKG Motor and Trans Mounts, Subframe, and Diff Bushings

Brian says: Drives great, love the shifter and the chassis is so tight, great product!

AKG Car of the Month January 2017

AKG Parts Currently Installed: Stage II Quick Shifter, Motor & Trans Mounts, Adjustable Control Arms, Rear Shock Mounts, FCAB’s, Subframe & Differential Bushings


AKG Performance Parts December 2016 Car of the Month, Dan I

AKG Parts Currently Installed: Stage II Shifter with Poly 75D Motor and Trans Mounts.

Dan says: After install of the AKG shifter, shifts were shorter, more precise with ZERO play in the movement. Dollar for dollar, by far the best money I’ve spent on this build. As for the trans and engine mounts, I was after a little compliance (but not too much) so I went with the 75D kit. Perfect combo with the shift kit to minimize engine & trans movement but also being compliant enough that your engine won’t shake itself apart. I also have the rear tie-down kit for easy tie down attachment when trailering the car. Awesome pieces that everyone that hauls their car should have.

AKG Performance Parts November 2016 Car of the Month - Tyler W
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Stage II Shifter with DTM-Style Selector Rod (DSSR).

Tyler says: The shifter combined with the DSSR makes shifting a lot faster, more solid and not notchy like other short shifters on the market.

AKG Performance Parts October 2016 Car of the Month -EXO Performance
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Poly 75D Motor and Trans Mounts, Subframe and Diff Bushings, Front Control Arm Bushings and Rear Trailing Arm Bushings; front and rear Reinforcements.

Sebastien of Exo Performance says: Improved lap time and no more driveline lag. Great quality products manufactured in the USA. We recommend these products.

Ryan Y - AKG Sept COTM
AKG Parts Currently Installed: Rear Subframe, Rear Sway Bar and Rear Trailing Arm Pocket Reinforcement Plates, Poly 75D Motor and Trans Mounts, 75D Diff and Subframe Bushings

Ryan says: Great looking product. High quality with perfect fitment. Bushings are stiff and do create significant amount of vibration both at idle and in motion (especially with the AC switched on), however, these are recommended for race only and I do not mind the vibration on the track / occasional street car. The performance gain is definitely noticeable. Car accelerates much smoother and the power delivery is much more responsive. During cornering, car feels much more solid and most importantly, it feels “tight” with less body rolls. For a track head like myself, I’d highly recommend AKG product for all racing needs.
AKG Motorsport August 2016 Car of the Month
AKG Parts Currently Installed: S50 Swap Motor Mounts, Poly Trans Mounts

Jizo says: Your parts have made it tremendously easier to get my swap in and shifter corrections! Thank you sooo much for making quality products!

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