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Beautiful Form. Perfect Function.

AKG Motorsport’s BMW bushing designs always start with an analysis of the original OEM component and its surrounding structure, which allows us to determine, among other things, the applied forces and the direction in which those forces act. This data helps us in designing a performance bushing capable of withstanding the abuses an automotive suspension exerts on it – especially if modifications to other parts have been made. In some cases, our bushings are designed to function entirely different than the stock component.

Innovative Design. Refined.

Our molds encompass two generations, designed and built right here in Illinois. The first generation mold is developed to test and further refine our design for the final production mold. This process gives us complete control over our designs, tolerances, and fitments, and is the first step in manufacturing a high-quality, precision molded performance bushing for your BMW.


Quality You Can See. And Feel.

AKG Motorsport performance bushings for BMW are made of the highest quality US Military Spec polyurethane available, which is supplied to us through ISO 9001:2015 certified suppliers. The compounds and durometers we use are chosen based upon both the bushing’s design and its intended use, and range from medium 80A-95A durometer street performance compounds to our rock hard, race-proven 75D durometer compound. The quality of our performance bushings is so far ahead of anything else available, that you can actually see and feel the difference yourself.


AKG Performance Parts Durometer Chart

75D is by far the hardest polyurethane compound available on the market for a BMW and will tremendously improve a race car’s handling characteristics. AKG 75D bushings utilize the correct compound polyurethane required to control a racecar’s suspension geometry during the rapid movements a race car experiences on the track. For those who want to go a step further, precision CNC crafted aluminum bushings are available for most models.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Molding. For Unrivaled Quality.

Our high-quality polyurethane is formed with our precision molds through a meticulous ISO 9001:2015 certified molding process that provides the quality, durability and consistent reliability our performance parts are known for. There are many important steps in our operations including hardness and dimension checks, constant machine calibrations and a continuous, stringent analysis of raw materials. All of which play an important role in ensuring a quality AKG performance part.

In fact, our process easily handles 75D – a notoriously difficult durometer to not just mold correctly, but consistently – a testament to our unrivaled quality. Watch the video to learn more.

Team TGM

Design. Meets Function.

Our bushings are uniquely refined and incorporate many firsts in design. These features have the sole purpose of improving the overall performance of our bushings. CAD/CAM design, in-house mold design, the highest quality materials and our expert knowledge of these cars provides for bushings that are unparalleled by any measure.

Firsts in Design. It’s What We Do.

Most of our bushings feature our two-piece, encapsulating design, which we developed for BMW 2002 race cars over 30 years ago. This symmetrical design essentially locks the component in place, eliminating movement along its axes and improving the overall performance capability of the bushing.

Our unique grease cavities provide multiple traps within the bushing to contain lubrication to the appropriate area helping to increase life expectancy, while reducing the noise often experienced aftermarket bushings.

Many AKG bushings are engineered with special grooves and notches. These design elements help our bushings achieve the best fitment possible – further elevating the design characteristics of our bushings over anything else available.

“T-Design” bushings, an original AKG design, are used in several areas, including the differential, to secure the bushing properly into the cavity and further eliminate fore, aft and side-to-side movement of the bushing under load.

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Our performance parts are proudly made in Illinois, USA and used in over 60 countries worldwide.