Innovation. It’s What We Start With.

With decades of experience in BMW race car construction, engine swaps and other high-performance modifications, we’re not just known for exceptional performance – we’re known for exceptional parts. See, we don’t simply mimic factory parts; we engineer new ones from the ground up – often applying an entirely new approach to the component and the way that it works.

From the development of the first short shifter and symmetrical, two-piece, encapsulating performance bushings for BMW over 30 years ago, innovation is in everything we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



Short Shifter

Our latest shifter – the quick shifter – is a true, fully re-buildable racing shifter designed to out-perform every other shifter available. With short, precise shifts and the highest level of feedback available, it’s one bare-knuckle thrill ride.



2-Piece Bushings

Our two piece, encapsulating performance bushings were designed over 30 years ago to solve the infamous “rear-end-hop” that BMW 2002s experienced under hard acceleration. This design boxed in the frame, preventing up and down movement for our tricked out, engine-swapped 02’s.



Design. It’s Part Materials, Part Process.

We select the highest-quality materials for our parts, but that’s just the beginning. These materials are then crafted into the finest designs around using state-of-the-art processes. The overall quality of AKG performance parts isn’t just due to the quality of the materials used, but also the way in which they are manufactured – because one without the other means nothing. With CAD/CAM design, precision CNC tooling up to a 1000th of an inch, and highly precise, consistent ISO 9001:2015 certified molding, you’re assured of receiving a performance part that looks as good as it performs.



All Hands Are Our Hands.

Our inclusive hands-on approach allows us to make better performance parts. From research, development and mold making, to machining, quality control and packaging – we do it all right here in Illinois, USA. This approach allows us to consistently monitor quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring you receive a part that meets our high standards. And just to be sure, every part is checked one last time by hand before packaging.

Finishing Touches Say A Lot.

Original AKG parts are one-of-a-kind designs. From chamfered edges, to precision grooves, to laser engravings – we use the latest technologies to make products that not only consistently out-perform everything else available, but fit precisely and look beautiful too.


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Our performance parts are proudly made in Illinois, USA and used in over 60 countries worldwide.