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Reinforcement. Done Right.

Highly-modified BMWs have required reinforcement of specific components and areas of the chassis since the 1980s. If done properly, reinforcement can nearly eliminate the possibility of a failure due to drivetrain torque and high loads often experienced in these cars.


AKG Rear Sway Bar Reinforcements

We do our homework. They Copy.

Before designing a reinforcement kit for BMW, we study the area of the chassis in question along with its related components. By studying cars that have had a failure, we are not only able to determine what the result of a failure is, but how and why it occurs. This information is then used to assist us in engineering a proper reinforcement, which in many cases leads to a re-design of the original structure by building on to and around it.


BMW Cup E46 M3 Germany

Proven. The World Over.

All AKG reinforcement kits are engineered with CAD/CAM technology and are precision CNC laser cut and bent to ensure that they not only work better, but fit better than anything else available. And as with everything we produce, our reinforcement kits are genuine AKG designs – renowned for being over-engineered for unrivaled quality and reliability. So you can stop worrying and start driving.

AKG Perofmrnacae Parts BMW E36 Reinforcements

Thin? Nope.

Thin reinforcements may work for a street vehicle with stock components, but AKG is a performance parts company and most of our customers own vehicles which are highly modified and no longer retain all of the stock components. Therefore, when we design our reinforcement kits we take into account the proper thickness that they need to be in order to handle aftermarket suspension parts and/or powertrain modifications, which put much more stress on the chassis and other components on the vehicle.

AKG Performance PArts Sponsored LowBar Racing Team c Rudy Archeleta

Firsts in Design.

AKG Motorsport designed the first, single piece, rear trailing-arm pocket reinforcement for the E36 chassis. This design allows for the complete reinforcement of the pocket while providing the easiest installation available.

The first four-piece rear sway bar reinforcement kit for the E36 chassis was designed by us and is to this day the single most reliable reinforcement kit for this failure prone area.

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