Insist on Genuine AKG Performance Parts

We work hard to give you the highest quality, the most innovative designs, and the best customer service in the BMW performance parts market, and have been creating cutting-edge designs for over 3 decades. The first short-shifter and 2-piece encapsulating suspension bushings were designed and produced for the BMW 2002 by Andy Kritikos over 30 years ago. To this day we continue to introduce revolutionary designs – such as our innovative quick shifter and our precision molded poly suspension bushings.

All of our performance parts are genuine AKG designs – engineered by Andy Kritikos and backed by the skill and expertise he has gained from working on high performance BMW race cars almost exclusively for more than three decades.

Our products are manufactured in-house at our facility in Capron, Illinois, or locally under our direct supervision. We use only the highest-quality materials available, such as 6061 and 7075 T6 aluminum and our U.S. military spec polyurethane – premium precision molded performance compounds, specifically formulated for each performance part’s application.

Beware of Cheap Imitations and Copycats!

Unfortunately, others – individuals and companies – have tried to enrich themselves by replicating our designs, and more recently, even duplicating them completely (even using our signature red color), passing off our genuine AKG designs as their own. While we can appreciate that imitation may be the highest form of flattery, we worked very hard on our designs!

Purchasing these cheap imitations hurts you, the enthusiast, in several ways:

  • Simply copying our designs without any form of expertise leads to serious quality control and fitment issues in an application where precision is extremely important, for not only the component itself, but the surrounding structure as well.
  • Substandard imitations are cheaply made. Most are outsourced to unknown locations, made of clearly inferior (i.e. low grade poly!) materials and use questionable processing methods which more often than not, lead to premature failure of the component and/or a surrounding structure.
  • By purchasing these knockoffs, you are supporting the copycats, emboldening them to continue their actions, and in turn, hurting those that actually spend the considerable amount of time and development necessary to bring original, high-quality performance parts to the BMW community.

AKG will rigorously protect its rights and, as such, is interested in any background information you might have regarding cheap, copy-cat and/or counterfeit products.

Our performance parts are proudly made in Illinois, USA and used in over 60 countries worldwide.