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Adjustable Rear Toe Arms (Lower) – BMW F30, F32, F22

Part#: F3032T

Product Description

This adjustable rear toe (lower) arm set allows for full rear toe adjustment on BMW F30, F32 and F22 models. These lower toe arms also utilize spherical bearings – which eliminates the deflection that occurs with the stock rubber bushings. Like all of our adjustable toe arms, they are designed to be strong, yet lightweight and offer easy adjustment while installed. These rear toe arms offer enough adjustment to be used with either a full racing setup or on a lowered street car that needs to adjust the rear toe back to stock specs. Adjustable Rear Toe Arm Set – BMW F30 (320, 328, 330, 335, 340), F32 (420, 428, 430, 435, 440), F22 (228, 235, 240). Two sets required to replace both lower rear arms (trailing arm and track strut).

Our rear toe arms are made of high-quality 6061-T6 anodized aluminum rods with high-quality, Teflon-lined race-spec rod ends with rubber rod end seals. Set of two arms. Professional installation recommended.

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts here.

Recommended Use: RACING / TRACK

NVH Increase: Low

Designed for the following models:

BMW F30 (2012-2019) 320, 328, 330, 335, 340 – NOT M3
BMW F32 (2013-2019) 420, 428, 430, 435, 440 – NOT M4
BMW F22 (2014+) 228, 230, 235, 240 – NOT M2

Made in USA

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