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Track Rod Bushings, Poly 85A (BMW 2002)

Part#: TR028A

Product Description

These BMW 2002 Polyurethane (85A) Track Rod Bushings greatly reduce the movement found with the factory rubber track rods for an improved, tighter feeling front end. The stock front stabilizing rod bushings deflect, allowing movement within the front suspension. Replace those old worn out rubber bushings and reduce movement with our BMW 2002 poly (85A) track rod bushings.

These medium 85A durometer polyurethane track rod bushings are our street-spec compound bushings (as opposed to our performance-spec 95A compound). They are designed for those who want to retain a relatively comfortable ride with slightly improved performance over the factory OE bushings. 

Our U.S. Military Spec 85A durometer compound has elasticity and memory. This exclusive compound allows us to manufacture a bushing with performance characteristics that is free from the deformation which plastic bushings (Delrin, UHMW) are very prone to.

Made of our exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane (85A hardness) with stainless steel sleeves. Engineered for a perfect fit. Set of two. Read why our polyurethane bushings are the highest quality bushings available

Original AKG design. Learn more about Genuine AKG Parts.

Recommended Use: STREET

NVH Increase: Low

Designed for the following models:
BMW 2002

Made in USA

This item is No Longer Available. Please see our version in poly 95A.


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