Euro 3.2L Swap FAQ

Euro 3.2L Swap FAQ

We get inquiries about installing a Euro 3.2l evo motor (S50B32) into various US BMW models. Below is a FAQ we hope might help.

How much do the motors cost?

The cost of a euro 3.2 motor is primarily dependent upon mileage. The lower the mileage, the higher the price. If you wish to include a 6-speed trans, the cost goes up, of course. If you need a source for motors and other parts, we recommend FAB Direct in Gloucestershire, UK.

What is included with the motor?

Generally, an evo kit includes the motor, wire loom, DME (ECU), airflow meter, air filter housing, alternator, power steering pump, starter, complete clutch assembly, and intake/exhaust manifolds.

What additional parts will I need to complete this swap into an e36?

Other parts you might need that do not usually come with the motor would be a euro instrument panel, expansion tank and bracket. Also possibly an exhaust system with cat/muffler. Your US radiator will work with the euro motor, as will your US A/C compressor and compressor bracket.

If I install an evo 3.2, can I keep my 5-speed trans?

Yes. The evo motor will bolt to any e36 5-speed trans.

I keep hearing that these engines are from junkyards. How can I be sure of quality?

The most important factor in purchasing a salvaged engine is to know your source. If you are not able to locate an engine locally, we would recommend FAB Direct in Gloucestershire, UK.

How does the euro 3.2 differ from the US version?

The euro 3.2 motor and the US version are entirely different animals. There are no interchangeable parts between the two motors. The S50B32 puts out 321 bhp. Contrary to the rumors, these euro 3.2s do not have an aluminum block.

Will this motor work in my BMW model?

It is important to know your car’s production date. If it is pre-’95 (e30 and e36 models), the 3.2 conversion is more difficult because you will need to reconfigure the wiring harness in order to work around the EWS anti-theft system. ’95 and later models do not present this problem.

So is there an alternative for my e30 or older e36?

Yes. The euro 3.0l motor is a good alternative for those cars built before ’95. There is no EWS anti-theft system to deal with. The euro 3.0 motor boasts 286 bhp.

Does this motor pass emissions inspections?

Interesting to note that in Germany, the Gruppe N race cars must pass emissions and use catalytic converters. As far as US state emissions testing, we are aware that some states offer exemption from testing for race cars, upon completion of certain requirements. We don’t believe the euro motor passes inspection in California. It should pass in all other states.

I’m going to do this swap myself. Can I call you with my technical questions?

We are sorry, but due to time restrictions (and his sanity!) Andy cannot answer your detailed technical questions over the phone. If you have any general questions about this swap, etc., please email us. Your inquiry might take a couple of days to answer.

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